Why Open Source?
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Web design has evolved significantly in the past decade, from relatively simple static brochure-style sites to complex, dynamic database-driven sites.

As Web sites have become more interactive and complex, the need for small business and other organizations to emulate the features of Web sites costing many thousands of dollars has become paramount. The most cost-effective and at the same time robust solution to this need is open source software.

Open source software features cutting-edge technology supported by a huge community of computer software developers. Developed as Content Management Systems (CMS) and blogging platforms, they allow Website owners to update their own sites easily by logging in through their browser and using a graphic user interface similar to Microsoft Word. Not only does this save site owners money, it also gives them the ability to update content frequently, thus improving their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Even better, many aspects of the Internet users have come to expect are built in to open source platforms. Because they are database-driven, interactive search forms, Syndication and Newsfeed Management, member login, contact management and other interactive features can be enabled at minimal cost and effort.

But that is just the beginning. Open source platforms are by nature infinitely extensible, so additional business-friendly applications such as CRM software, Social Media Monitoring software, etc. can be added as the client wishes. Indeed, open source allows us to build anything from Auto dealerships to integrated E-commerce systems at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time needed to develop these applications from the ground up.

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