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An initial consultation is free of charge, and usually takes place over the phone or in person. The next step is for us to provide an estimate. For an accurate, firm estimate, we need detailed information. Just use our Contact Us form to send us your contact information and we'll give you a call. Once we have this information in writing, we can often provide an estimate/proposal based on it at no additional charge. Projects which are complex and/or not yet clearly defined may require our help in thinking through your requirements and developing a document detailing the specifications. We're glad to assist you with this work at our normal hourly rate. The resulting written plan allows us to prepare an accurate estimate for you, but is also a valuable document which you may use to obtain other estimates, if you choose to.

Please note that this is a home office address. Please use the form below or call (803) 429-3403 to discuss your website.

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