Why Stock Photography?
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There is a good reason photographers are expensive. While anyone can take a picture, creating effective photographs containing just the right amount of color, light and shade can be incredibly difficult.

Case in point: Would you entrust just anyone with your wedding day photography. Of course not. The visual record of such a momentous occasion must be entrusted to a professional. Inasmuch as your Web site showcases your business or organization, the photography on it must be as professional as possible.

Effective photography, like effective graphic design, triggers various emotions such as well being and desire. Since emotion is ultimately behind all the decisions we make, it is imperative that photography be appropriate, inviting, and above all, professional.

So what if hiring a professional photographer is not an option? Fortunately, there is a low-cost alternative in the form of stock photography Web sites. I consider http://bigstockphoto.com/ to be the best of these sites in terms of value, choice, and quality. By using your Web site color scheme as your guide, you can find photos that will make your Web site rival the most professional sites on the Web.

But searching for photos can be tedious; can't I just use the photos I already have?  While I admit searching for photos that complement your color scheme can be a pain, the results are well worth the effort. On the contrary, using unprofessional photos will make your Web site look positively ugly, even if the graphic design is exceptional. The best place for personal photos is in a photo gallery.

In short, after your logo the quality of the photography is the single most important element in making your Web site look both professional and extraordinary.

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